Keep your tools in excellent condition for years to come with Lanocare’s anti-corrosion products. From saws and screwdrivers to hammers and angle grinders, our products can be used to protect your tools.

Rust protection for your tools

Often stored in garages or sheds, tools can suffer corrosion due to high levels of moisture in the atmosphere. The infrequent use of some of them can further compound the problem. Applying a coating of Lanocare when not in use will protect them from rusting and ensure they are ready to go use when needed next.

What can I use Lanocare on?

Our spray and grease can be used to protect and lubricate a wide range hand and power tools:

  • Hand saw blades
  • Hammers, chisels etc
  • Axes, picks, sledge hammers
  • Circular saw blades
  • Angle grinders
  • Drill bits and hole cutting tools

Using our spray and grease could not be easier only taking a few minutes to apply – see our FAQs for more details.

Non-toxic, natural and sustainable

Our anti-corrosion grease and spray products are all non-toxic and contain no harmful petrol chemicals or aromatic hydrocarbons.  Made in the UK from natural ingredients, our products are sustainable and biodegradable, leaving minimal impact on the environment.


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