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Our range of lanolin based products provide long lasting natural rust protection and lubricationWhether it is a car or caravan chassis, a boat or trailer, our sustainable and natural marine-grade products will give you peace of mind knowing they are protected from the elements.  

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Anti-Corrosion Spray

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Anti-Corrosion Grease

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Anti-Corrosion Spray Refill

Easy-to-use and Effective

Lanocare is the right choice

Our products prevent rust and preserve life of cars, boats, trailers, fishing equipment, lawnmowers, tools, commercial and garden machinery etc.

Lanocare is 100% sustainable

Fully Sustainable

Lanocare works by forming a thin waterproof coating which is made from lanolin and a number of other natural ingredients from commercially grown crops.

Lanocare is non-conducting


Our products are non-conductive and are safe to use on electrical circuits and components.

Lanocare is non-leaching


Lanocare is not-leaching and so can be used safely to protect a variety of non-metal surfaces such as plastics, rubber, nylon and vinyl.

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Long Lasting

Once applied, Lanocare will form a durable, thin waxy coating which is resistant to jet washing up to 3000psi.  Lanocare cannot be dissolved or washed off by petrol, diesel or salt water.  

Lanocare is marine safe

Marine Grade

All our products are designed to work in the most challenging environments as well as being safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas.

Lanocare 100% British made


All our products are made by us here in the UK. 

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Once dry Lanocare forms a non toxic weatherproof barrier made from all natural ingredients.

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Being based on Lanolin, all of our products are naturally water resistant and tenaciously adhere to any surface – providing a tough water proof barrier once applied.  

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