Working towards a sustainable future

Why Lanocare?

Lanocare is a range of durable and effective rust proofing and lubrication products.  All our products are made from wool grease and a number of commercially grown crops. Once fully cured, Lanocare forms a waterproof barrier protecting any surface it is applied to from exposure to the elements.  Safe to use in any environment, our sprays and greases are suitable for a wide variety of marine, motor, electrical, and at-home needs.

Giving back

A wish to preserve the environment for future generations is at the heart of everything we do.  We are committed to supporting local and global communities fight climate change – by choosing Lanocare, you will be helping too!

Tree Planting

Lanocare is working in Malawi to help provide a long-term solution to deforestation and climate change. Our commitment is simple – for every order received we will plant at least four trees. Each tree planted absorbs 10kgs of carbon a year and so for every 100 trees we will be helping to remove 1 tonne of carbon from the atmosphere each and every year


In addition to our tree planting, we are also providing fuel-efficient cookstoves to villagers in Malawi. These stoves are much safer to use and require 65% less fuel than traditional cooking methods.  As a result each cookstove supplied stops three tonnes of CO2 that otherwise would be released to the environment each year.

Food Waste

In the UK, Lanocare is helping to fight hunger and food waste. Again, our commitment is simple – for every ten orders received Lanocare will donate at least two meals to support vulnerable people in our local communities.

Carbon negative

At Lanocare, our goal is to be carbon negative across our complete supply chain.  We take an ethical approach to what we are doing and want to do more than our fair share to forge a sustainable future for our planet.


Product Benefits

Long-lasting, anti-rust protection, designed to withstand the harshest elements.

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