Natural and Effective

The Benefits of Lanocare

Lanocare is a natural, biodegradable rust inhibitorIt is made from a combination of lanolin and other compounds extracted from a number of commercially grown crops.  Indeed, making Lanocare as  sustainable as possible with the lowest of carbon footprints is at the heart of what we do. 

Effective performance 

Lanocare provides an effective way of protecting metal surfaces from corrosion.  Once applied, it forms a thin but durable waterproof coating which seals the surface and protects it from exposure to the elements.  The lanolin present in our products further penetrates any surface micro-fissures expelling and replacing any water molecules present.  These surface imperfections are especially vulnerable to oxidisation.    

Acid and salt resistant 

Our lanolin grease and spray products provide a layer of corrosion protection that is weatherproof and easy to apply. These marine-grade products are acid and salt resistant, making them the ideal choice for boats and fishing equipment.  

Electrical Conductivity

Lanocare is non-conductive and safe to use to waterproof and protect electrical circuits and components. Under the standardised IEC 60247 test, Lanocare sprays achieved a conductivity rating of < 0.1 pS/m at 25°C – the same as cooling oils used in electrical transformers. 

Water resistant 

Lanocare products are water resistant providing long lasting protection. They can withstand pressure washing up to 3,000psiWhen tested to ASTM B117 standard, our anti-rust grease showed no decay after 1,000 hours of continuous salt spray. 

Hundreds of uses

Use of Lanocare is not limited to protecting metal surfaces. Its coating and weatherproof properties can be used to protect electrics, plastics and rubber too. So whether the need is for classic cars, agricultural machinery, boats, bikes and trailers, Lanocare offers you the ideal solution. 

Why Lanocare?

The best rust inhibitor, 100% natural and designed to withstand the harshest elements. 

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