Anti-Corrosion Grease

£15.00 - £30.00

Lanocare’s LG40 is a rust prevention and anti-seize grease for the harshest of environments. Producing a thicker and harder wearing coating than our LS20 spray, it has been designed to protect vulnerable, exposed or critical components. Highly viscous, LG40 will begin to melt at body temperature and so can easily be applied using a finger. Alternatively, the whole tub can be softened in a pan of warm water and applied with a rag. It can even be completely melted and applied with a brush. Once applied, LG40 will quickly form a tough, waxy coating.

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LG40 is 100% natural being made from sheep’s wool combined with a range of ingredients extracted from commonly grown crops. It is fully sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use in even the most ecologically sensitive environments. What’s more for every order received, Lanocare will plant at least four new trees to help combat climate change.

Key benefits include;

  • Perfect solution to stop rusting and seizing of bolts and other fastenings  
  • Provides enhanced protection for vulnerable parts 
  • Quick to apply 
  • Tough long lasting protection 
  • Resistant to acid, alkalis and salt water 
  • Pressure washer safe to 3000psi 
  • Non-conductive – safe to use on electric components and circuits 
  • Non-leaching – safe to use on a variety of surfaces  
  • Environmentally friendly and a fully renewable

Lanocare has a wide range of domestic and commercial uses including protecting car and caravan chassis, gardening and recreational equipment, hand and power tools to name but a few. For further information, see our uses page.



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