£28.00 - £115.00

Depending on the task in hand, you will often need both our rust prevention spray and grease in order to provide complete rust protection.  These anti corrosion kits are designed to provide the correct products you need for the job in hand at a lower price.   Included in each kit is:


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Lanocare is non-leaching
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Lanocare is marine safe
Lanocare is non-conducting
Lanocare is 100% sustainable
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Our kits come in 3 different sizes:

Small kit: 500ml rust protection spray, 250ml grease.  Approx. coverage – 5m2

Perfect for smaller projects such as:

  • Underbody protection for super mini sized car – one application
  • Motor Bike frames
  • Boat trailers
  • Domestic tools and garden equipment
  • Domestic hardware
  • Fishing tackle

Medium kit: 2.5l rust protection spray, 500ml grease. Approx. coverage – 25m2

Ideal for larger projects such as:

  • Underbody protection for family sized cars – multiple applications
  • Vans and small trucks
  • Caravan chassis
  • Horse boxes
  • Boats and trailers

Large kit: 5l rust protection spray, 650ml grease. Approx. coverage – 50m2

Our largest kit, designed for customers with multiple requirements or with large items needing protection:

  • Motorhomes
  • Large SUVs
  • Multiple cars
  • Commercial Vehicles

Effective, sustainable and environmentally safe

Both Lanocare’s rust protection spray and grease work by enhancing the waterproof nature of lanolin using a range of compunds extracted from commonly grown crops. They are sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use in even the most ecologically sensitive environments.  What’s more for every order received, Lanocare will plant at least four new trees to help combat climate change.

LS20 Spray

LS20 is a general purpose, lanolin based rust prevention spray.  It is fast to apply and dries to form a water-proof translucent coating that will not wash off even when jet washed at 3000psi or exposed to petrol, diesel or salt water. It is perfect to protect large areas from corrosion such as a car underbody or engine bay

LG40 Grease

LG40 is a rust prevention and anti-seize lanolin based grease developed for the harshest of environments.   Producing a thicker and harder wearing coating than our LS20 spray, it has been designed to protect vulnerable, exposed or critical components such a key fastenings, nuts and bolt heads and the like.

Both LS20 and LG40 are non-conductive and are safe to use to waterproof and protect electrical circuits and components.