Lanocare is the perfect partner for preventing rust on any outdoor equipment. From bikes and lawnmowers to camping equipment and BBQs, Lanocare will preserve and protect.

Water-resistant grease for outdoor equipment

Once applied, Lanocare dries to form a translucent coating which seals any surface from the elements and in so doing stops the development of rust.  This water-proof coating is hard wearing and can withstand jet washing of up to 3000psi.

Lanocare is non-leaching too and so can be used on a variety of other materials including plastic, rubber, vinyl and hypalon protecting them from water damage and deterioration from UV rays.

What can I use Lanocare on?

Our spray and grease can be used to protect and lubricate a wide range of garden equipment including:

  • Lawnmower decks and blades
  • Road and mountain bike frames
  • Chainsaw chains and bars
  • Wheel barrow frames
  • Garden tractor frame and electrics
  • Hedge trimmer blades and electrics
  • Barbecue frames

Using our spray and grease could not be easier only taking a few minutes to apply – see our FAQs for more details.

Lanocare protects the environment too

Being made from natural ingredients which are non-toxic and fully bio-gradable, our sprays and greases are completely safe to use in the great outdoors.  In fact, Lanocare is made entirely from renewable ingredients, helping to protect our planet for future generations.  And don’t forget, with every order received we will plant at least 4 trees help to fight climate change.






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