Keep your boat in top condition all-year-round with Lanocare’s sustainable and non-toxic products. Our sprays and grease will preserve vulnerable components in and around your boat helping cut your maintenance bills.

A highly effective waterproof barrier

Lanocare’s products prevent rust and damage from salt water and UV rays.  As such they are perfect for use on boats, trailers and other equipment exposed to wet and salty environments.  Once applied our sprays and greases form a protective and durable waterproof barrier sealing the surface below from even the harshest of conditions.

Being non-conductive, Lanocare can be also sprayed onto your boat’s electrical systems to water proof and protect such critical items

Our anti-corrosion spray and grease can be used on:

  • Out and inboard motors
  • Marine electrics
  • Propellers and prop shafts
  • Boat trailers
  • Winches
  • Anchors and shackles
  • General chandlery

Safe for marine life

There’s no need to worry about marine life when using our products as they are all 100% non-toxic and contain no petrol chemicals or hydrocarbons.  They’re  sustainable, biodegradable and safe for you and the environment.

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