Protect your fishing equipment from rust and corrosion with our long-lasting water-resistant products. 

Protect and preserve your fishing equipment with Lanocare

Fishing equipment is often used in the harshest of environments.  By using Lanocare products you can protect and lengthen the life of your equipment in a few easy steps. Our products are water-resistant (even if jet washed!) and completely non-toxic so no need to worry about fish and marine life.


As fishing equipment can often be small, our anti-corrosion spray is the perfect choice and can be sprayed directly onto your equipment.  If you want to use the grease too, the best solution is to melt some grease and simply dip the fishing tackle into it or to apply the melted grease with a small paint brush.



Safe for marine life

There’s no need to worry about marine life or fish as Lanocare’s products are completely natural and don’t contain any polluting or harmful petro-chemicals or aromatic hydrocarbons.  Our products have been developed to help forge a sustainable future for generations to come and are safe to use in the most sensitive of marine environments.


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