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Whether you’ve got a classic Land Rover, a Volkswagen Golf GTI or a VW Beetle in the garage, Lanocare can protect your prize possession and keep it tip top condition. 

All year round car and caravan protection

Rust can have a devastating and costly impact on classic cars, caravans and bikes. Lanocare’s sprays and grease provide a long-lasting layer of protection that will defend against rust and decay. They are ideal to help protect: 

  • Car underbodies and engine bays 
  • Car chassis & bulkheads  
  • Caravan chassis
  • Motor bike frames  
  • Batteries and electrical systems 
  • All nut and bolt heads and other key fastenings 

Effective, sustainable automotive grease

All our Lanocare products are 100% non-toxic and contain no petro-chemicals or aromatic-hydrocarbons.  Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, our products will give you long-lasting protection. Keeping your car rust free will help it retain its value, ensuring you can enjoy your motor for years to come.


Quick to apply and long-lasting 

It only takes 20 minutes or so to treat the underbody of a car or caravan and the application process could not be easier – see our FAQs for further details.  Once dry, Lanocare forms a translucent water-proof barrier sealing the surface below from the elements. The coating is tough – able to withstand jet washing to 3000psi as well as spills of petrol, diesel and acids.

Being safe to use to plastics, rubber and vinyl too, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands when using Lanocare.

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